Personalized SOLUTIONS

We create a custom PLAN for every business

We understand that every business has unique needs and challenges when it comes to sales and marketing. That's why we take a tailored approach, crafting custom roadmaps to help our clients.

  • Overall B2B Sales Org Analysis
  • B2B Sales Org Strategy
  • Target Customer Identification & List Building
  • Sales Process Creation
  • Sales Pitch Crafting and Messaging
  • Sales Outreach Curation
  • Sales and Marketing Collateral Auditing & Development
  • Sales Talent Hiring and Training
  • Departments Integration
  • Sales Process Iterative Improvement
  • Measurement, Analytics & Sales Forecasting

to Common Questions

How are the most successful brands innovating and evolving?

Successful brands are investing heavily in business development and growth, which involves building a sales and marketing arm tailored to their specific business needs. This strategic approach helps them position themselves as forward-thinking and prepares them to succeed in an unstable economic climate. At GForce, we help businesses hire the right people and determine the best timeline and approach to achieve their goals.

What goes into crafting a sales pitch?

Crafting a sales pitch involves identifying your value propositions and auditing existing collateral to see what has worked. We build a framework that simplifies the pitch, addresses potential objections and takes prospects down a path to a yes or no decision. This ensures if a prospect decides not to work with your brand, we can be confident we addressed any concerns along the way. We then apply the framework to messaging used in outbound sales.

How does GForce audit sales and marketing collateral?

After meeting with your team and observing a few pitches, we utilize the sales pitch framework (referenced above) to optimize existing collateral or create new collateral from scratch. This ensures the right message is conveyed and anyone who views it can visualize a potential partnership. The collateral becomes the foundation for training your team to craft their pitches that align your brand's selling points with their unique story of why they're on your team.

How does GForce hire and train sales talent?

We hire and train sales talent to be killers only - no excuses, no BS. After auditing your collateral and staff to understand your business needs, we evaluate whether to train current team members or hire new talent. Greg's extensive experience interviewing hundreds of salespeople allows him to identify the right fit through tough questions that uncover strengths, weaknesses, mentality, and personality. Oftentimes, founders and CEOs don’t know how to sniff out if a sales person is telling the truth. Greg can spot false narratives to ensure we only hire the best sales talent to join your team.

How does GForce go about building sales operations, processes and enablement?

Starting with clear, consistent, cross-functional communication is key. We start from the core of your product/service and build a good flow of information around that and between departments. This ensures all team members are on the same page and selling the same story across the board.

Does outbound sales really work?


How do I know if the systems my company currently has in place are working?

It depends on who you ask, as every team member focuses on and views success in terms of their own KPIs, which leads to a fragmented view. We provide a holistic perspective to evaluate the success of your company's systems. We identify key deliverables by department and track growth through MoM and YoY metrics to ensure alignment with your business goals. Our focus is on identifying the levers that will drive growth, specifically in sales, marketing, partnerships, and client success efforts.

Does GForce work with companies outside the DTC space?


What does the working relationship look like with GForce?

We’re an extension of your team, incentivized to help you grow. We lead by example with clear communication on calls, follow ups, end of week recaps, and more. We over communicate, allowing your team to learn and feel confident in what they should be working on.

How does GForce measure success and track impact?

When we start working together we build a roadmap of goals we’d like to achieve during our engagement. It typically takes about 30 days working together for us to get to know your business and team, which allows us to then determine how quickly we can achieve the goals we set. We may adjust our goals and SOW and then track impact from there.

How long is a typical engagement with GForce?

We hope to maintain a long-term working relationship, but we’re flexible on the duration of an engagement. We typically recommend a minimum of working together for 3-4 months to see an impact. A 6-12 month engagement provides enough time for us to help build a self-sustaining leadership team with solid strategy for outreach, collateral, and more. Then, we phase into an advisory role on a go-forward basis.

How does GForce work with groups that don’t have infrastructure or a full team yet?

If you don’t have a full team yet, all we need to get started is a day-to-day contact who we can work with to start moving things forward. We get to know your business to identify where there are gaps and what/who you need to fill those gaps and then build and hire as quickly as we can from there.

How does GForce work with groups that have existing infrastructure and a full team already?

If you have a full team in place, we start by auditing and evaluating the current team. Typically, after 60-90 days we can help you identify if the current team can achieve the goals we’ve set and help take your business to the next level.

If I have senior sales talent, why should I hire GForce?

If your senior sales talent is achieving YoY growth for your business, that's great! We'll work with them to identify opportunities to unlock even more revenue potential. However, not all senior level talent is equal, and even those with titles like SVP or VP may benefit from working with GForce to refine their strategy. For those who aren't achieving YoY growth, we work side by side to develop a strategy to get there.

Do I need to commit to a long-term engagement with GForce or does GForce provide one-off recommendations?

The length of our engagement is completely flexible. Reach out to schedule a 1:1 consultation and we’ll work through what we’re able to help you with and how we can go about it together.

Why do all roads point back to GForce?

We’re a solution-oriented team. No matter what, we’ll find a way to crush your goals.