Personalized SOLUTIONS

We craft a custom PITCH for every business

We adapt your pitch to ensure it showcases your business’s ongoing evolution and clearly articulates why prospects should work with you.

  • Throughout the engagement, we focus on:
    • Distilling why someone should work with you.
    • Fine-tuning how you deliver the message you want to.
    • Crafting a compelling pitch narrative.
    • Guiding you on how to deliver the pitch effectively.
    • Reworking your pitch collateral, if needed.

to Common Questions

How do I know if I need my pitch audited?

If you've never actively analyzed or strategically updated your pitch, this service provides a fresh perspective to refine your approach. Consider an audit if you're not consistently closing 30-40% of your deal flow or if you lack confidence in articulating your business’s value propositions and why someone should work with you in a concise 2-3 minute pitch.

Why should I let Greg audit my pitch?

Greg boasts a wealth of successful pitching experience, having participated in and observed countless pitches, resulting in closed deals with hundreds of brands. This extensive background has positioned him as a subject matter expert in crafting and delivering compelling sales pitches. However, what sets Greg apart is not only his proficiency in delivering compelling pitches but also his adeptness in teaching. With a track record of training 30+ salespeople, Greg brings a unique blend of experience and instructional skill to level up your pitch.

What types of brands has Greg successfully pitched?

Greg's close collaboration with numerous DTC ecommerce companies and founders has provided him with valuable insights into their needs and effective solutions for them. Leveraging these insights, he assists solution providers in crafting pitches that precisely address what brands need to hear, ensuring the pitch resonates effectively.

If I know my pitch is solid, why should I get it audited?

Even if you’re a founder that is unbelievable at closing deals, the biggest challenge you’re going to face is training someone else to pitch your business. This service crafts a turnkey pitch framework, ensuring it’s easily transferable for training purposes when growing your sales team.

Can GForce help improve my sales collateral so it effectively conveys my pitch?

Yes, through auditing your pitch, we establish the foundation for compelling sales enablement materials. Leveraging your pitch narrative, we can build or revamp your outbound efforts and sales collateral, including capabilities decks, one-pagers, case studies, and more.